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Three Books I'm Reading Now, 11/28/22 Edition

The Books I'm Reading Now

I'm reading The Circus Train, Amita Parikh's upcoming novel set in a 1920s circus world as World War II looms; I'm reading When the Day Comes, Gabrielle Meyer's time-travel story of a woman leading two drastically different lives in two eras and forced to choose; and I'm reading The Box in the Woods, a stand-alone young adult mystery from Maureen Johnson that features smart, determined Stevie Bell from the Truly Devious series--and hopefully also includes the signature dark scenes and charming banter I loved in those books.

What are you reading these days, bookworms?


01 The Circus Train by Amita Parikh

In Amita Parikh's upcoming (to be published December 6) novel The Circus Train, a young woman with circus in her blood struggles to find her place in the world as World War II looms.

Lena Papadopoulos is the daughter of the legendary illusionist Theo. Yet Lena, in a wheelchair after being stricken with polio, is bright and driven--and would much prefer to dive into medicine and science than the pretend world of the circus.

An encounter with an orphaned boy leads to a treasured friendship, but as World War II builds around them and begins to creep into their lives in haunting ways, everything they have known and counted on seems threatened.

I received a prepublication edition of this book courtesy of NetGalley and G.P. Putnam's Sons.


02 When the Day Comes by Gabrielle Meyer

I loooove a time-travel book! When I was posting on my Instagram page about some of my favorite books that play with time, a fellow book lover recommended I add this one to my to-read list.

Just listen to this irresistible setup: Libby lives two lives, one in 1774 Colonial Williamsburg, and one in 1914 Gilded Age New York City.

In 1774, she is a printer with a husband and family, trying to protect them and prepare for the upheaval of the coming Revolution. In 1914, she's an independent single woman and suffragette, wealthy and expected to marry a man appropriate to her station. The first stirrings that will lead to World War I are taking place around the edges of her world.

When Libby goes to sleep she consistently wakes in her other life, alternating her realities reliably. But she knows that when she turns 21, she must choose one life or the other, leaving the other behind forever.

If you like books that play with time, you might also like the books on the Greedy Reading Lists Six Riveting Time-Travel Stories to Explore and Six Second-Chance, Do-Over, Reliving-Life Stories--or you can search this site for other Bossy reviews of books that involve time travel.


03 The Box in the Woods by Maureen Johnson

The Box in the Woods is another young adult mystery from Maureen Johnson. This stand-alone novel from the author of the Truly Devious trilogy (Truly Devious, The Vanishing Stair, and The Hand on the Wall) follows Stevie Bell as she takes her sleuthing skills outside of Ellingham Academy for the first time.

Johnson's Truly Devious series offers dark scenes, wicked mystery, blossoming attraction, loyal friendships, and excellent banter in a combination I loved.

Maureen Johnson also wrote the young adult Shades of London series, which is based on Jack the Ripper's crimes. I'd like to give that a go too; the first title is The Name of the Star.

Her newest book, Nine Liars, which also features Stevie Bell, is scheduled for publication December 27, 2022.


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