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Three Books I'm Reading Now, 10/16/23 Edition

The Books I'm Reading Now

I'm reading the newest suspenseful mystery by Wendy Walker, scheduled for publication tomorrow, American Girl; I'm reading Emily Tesh's debut novel, a space opera, Some Desperate Glory; and I'm listening to Evil Eye, Etaf Rum's newest fiction about culture, marriage, and the struggle to figure out your true self.

What are you reading these days, bookworms?


01 American Girl by Wendy Walker

Charlie is an autistic teen working hard at The Triple S sandwich shop so that she can one day afford to leave her Pennsylvania hometown.

But when the shop owner, who owns several other local businesses and is a town council member, turns up dead, everyone becomes a suspect, including all of the employees at The Triple S.

Charlie must help discover the truth to clear the suspicion of murder that's been raised regarding her coworkers--and Charlie herself.

Wendy Walker is also the author of What Remains and Don't Look for Me as well as All Is Not Forgotten, Emma in the Night, and The Night Before.

I received a prepublication edition of this book courtesy of NetGalley and Blackstone Publishing. American Girl is scheduled for publication tomorrow.


02 Some Desperate Glory by Emily Tesh

Kyr has not only trained her whole life for the day she can avenge the destruction of Earth, she was genetically bred to be exceptional at the task.

But when unexpected events lead her to leave the only home she's ever known in order to save her genetic brother, she realizes that the revenge fantasies that have been instilled in her since birth--along with a distrust of all nonhuman creatures--were based on lies.

An oddball trio made up of Kyr, her brother's subversive genius of a friend, and a lonely alien force Kyr to reexamine all that she's ever known.

Emily Tesh's debut novel is a space opera about war, duty, brainwashing, escaping limitations, and reinventing oneself.


03 Evil Eye by Etaf Rum

Yara is put on probation at the college where she is an assistant art history teacher after calling out a colleague for racism. She's required to attend therapy to learn to cope with her anger, even though she's sure therapy is just a waste of time.

So what if she's resentful of the limitations she allows to be put on her, if she's blanking on periods of current-day life due to stress, if she's increasingly dissatisfied with her life, if she's frequently flashing back to her parents' abuse? Isn't she supposed to feel thankful for a kind husband, healthy and lovely daughters, and being allowed to have a job?

Rum explores mother-daughter relationships and cycles of dysfunction and abuse in Evil Eye. I'm listening to this as an audiobook.

Etaf Rum is also the author of A Woman Is No Man.


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