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Review of What Remains by Wendy Walker

Wendy Walker's thriller focuses on a detective, her stalker, and the lengths both will go to to try to get what they want. This is a character-driven mystery with a twist.

When Detective Elise Sutton stumbles into a crime--a gunman is wandering a big-box store, shooting--she draws her gun for the first time in her career and takes down the shooter, saving at least one bystander's life.

But when guilt and self-doubt lead her to track down the almost-victim, Wade Austin, he assures her that her actions saved him. But then he insinuates himself into Elise's life in odd and alarming ways.

It becomes clear that he has been learning from the online notes of a class Elise once taught on getting away with murder so that he may attract attention yet evade detection--and, most importantly, make sure Elise knows he's in control of her destiny.

In order to keep her husband, young daughters, and partner safe, Elise may have to keep some crucial secrets and take unimaginable risks in an attempt to outsmart her stalker.

We all go to our graves covered in the scars from the things that we’ve done and the things done to us.

The story is told with alternating chapters focused on a chilling crime that feels connected to the Elise-Wade situation, and this second storyline doesn't bode well for Elise's future.

This is a character-driven mystery with an interesting twist.

I received an audiobook edition of this title, narrated by Gabra Zackman and Peter Ganim, courtesy of and Blackstone Publishing.

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Wendy Walker is also the author of Don't Look for Me, The Night Before, Emma in the Night, All Is Not Forgotten, Four Wives, and Social Lives.


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