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Three Books I'm Reading Now, 1/9/23 Edition

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

The Books I'm Reading Now

I'm listening to The Light We Carry, Michelle Obama's book about facing adversity and overcoming difficulties; I'm reading This Woven Kingdom, the first in Tahereh Mafi's series inspired by Persian mythology; and I'm reading Erin Stewart's young adult novel The Words We Keep.

What are you reading these days, bookworms?


01 The Light We Carry: Overcoming in Uncertain Times by Michelle Obama

I read Michelle Obama's wonderful book Becoming, but after my wise friend Katherine mentioned having listened to it, I immediately wished I had heard Michelle's calming voice read it to me too.

So I decided to listen to The Light We Carry and was instantly sure audiobook was the right format for me.

Rather than pretending there are quick fixes for life's challenges and difficulties, Obama shares her "toolbox" of emotional, meditative, optimistic, and other methods of coping, reminding herself of what's what, and ways in which she carries on in the face of adversity.


02 This Woven Kingdom by Tahereh Mafi

Alizeh is to all appearances a servant in the palace--forgettable, invisible, disposable.

In reality, she is the heir to an ancient kingdom. She has been forced to hide in plain sight in order to evade those who would eliminate her family forever.

The crown prince could never imagine that the prophecy of his father's death that he has become obsessed with centers around the striking servant girl under his very roof.

This Woven Kingdom is the first in Tahereh Mafi's fantasy trilogy of the same name. The second book, These Infinite Threads, is scheduled for publication next month.


03 The Words We Keep by Erin Stewart

In Erin Stewart's young adult novel The Words We Keep, Lily has been trying to hold it all together since walking in on her sister Alice engaged in self-harm three months ago.

Her sister is back from treatment, where Micah, Lily's new friend at school, was also in treatment. Now Lily is struggling to process her own compulsions and consider their potential implications.

When Lily explores poetry as part of a school project, she finds the healing power of art--and realizes that trusting Micah with her complicated feelings and true self might be the most terrifying and most important risk she could take.


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