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Review of The Soulmate Equation by Christina Lauren

The story is heartwarming, funny, with strong friendships, plus it's steamy and romantic at times without being dramatic. I loved this one for a summer read!

The Soulmate Equation is the latest book from the writing pair known as Christina Lauren, and I loved it.

Single mom Jess is a data analyst. She's good at crunching the numbers for work, taking care of her daughter, and leaning on her grandparents (who raised her) for help, but she's not comfortable with the idea of dating again.

Her father wasn't part of her life, her mother disappeared when she was little, and her daughter's father took off when Jess was pregnant. Jess has no optimism or dreams about opening her heart to someone new.

But then her daring best friend (who writes sexy romance novels!) pushes her to consider a DNA-based, data-driven dating program that makes sense to her--and she receives an unheard-of 98 percent compatible romantic match with an unlikely partner.

The Soulmate Equation is often funny, and the best-friendship between Jess and Fizzy (Felicity) is one of the funniest aspects and was one of my favorite elements. The heartwarming familial support isn't stereotypical in its structure, and imperfect, broken family members add to various conflicts. I appreciated that the will they/won't they romantic tension hinges on factors somewhat outside of the main protagonists' control (rather than a forced misunderstanding or circumstance that might feel frustrating to a reader or falsely constructed).

The story is steamy and romantic at times without being dramatic. I love the tone the writing team of Christina Lauren struck with this one!

I received a prepublication digital edition of this book courtesy of Gallery Books and NetGalley.

Do you have any Bossy thoughts about this book?

My favorite book to date by this writing team is the lovely Autoboyography. I also enjoyed and reviewed the authors' books In a Holidaze, The Unhoneymooners, Josh and Hazel's Guide to Not Dating, and Love and Other Words.

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