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Review of In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren

In a Holidaze is a romantic holiday time twist with sexy interludes and a reliably happy ending.

Twentysomething Mae is spending the holidays yet again with her parents' college friends and their families. She's not satisfied in her job, she's unwillingly single, she still lives with her parents--and she just kissed the wrong boy, the younger brother of her true obsession.

In despair about having had a rotten holiday and realizing that future holidays at her favorite place in the world are now in jeopardy, Mae makes a plea to the universe to show her what would truly make her happy. Suddenly she's plunged back in time to begin the holiday anew and try to get things right, Groundhog Day-style.

I fought a little irritation at the start with what felt like too-cute in-process inside jokes between the characters--I'd rather watch interpersonal intimacies unfold than be thrust into scenes serving as shorthand for "this is idyllic and you should love it." But I easily suspended my disbelief regarding Mae's being whisked through time, and I loved that the issues she explored about her life and how she wanted to live it were substantial, thoughtful, and interestingly complicated. The authors offer a brief but intriguing foray into faith and fate as well.

I read In a Holidaze during Christmas week, and it was a romantic holiday time twist with sexy interludes and a reliably happy ending.

Any Bossy thoughts about this book?

I reviewed Lauren's The Unhoneymooners a couple of weeks ago. The author duo also wrote the fun and romantic Josh and Hazel's Guide to Not Dating as well as Love and Other Words and the lovely, lovely Autoboyography.

I mentioned this book in the Greedy Reading List Three Books I'm Reading Now, 12/22/20 Edition.


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