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Review of The Becoming (The Dragon Heart Legacy #2) by Nora Roberts

The second installment in Nora Roberts's Dragon Heart Legacy series is satisfying and comfortable, as Bree becomes more powerful, confident, and determined. Plus: more dragons!

In The Awakening, the first book in Nora Roberts's Dragon Heart Legacy series, she set up a romantic fantasy about a chosen one, a long-lost family, portals to a magical world, and a treasure of a best friendship.

In book two of the series, Breen Siobhan Kelly is coming into her own. She has conveniently shuffled off from Philly to the magical Talamh, where she revels in her new-found and strengthening powers (yet maintains her new, successful career as a children's author--with promise of becoming an adult author too. Why not take this fantasy all the way, after all?).

Circumstances lead to Breen's best friend coming along (and finding his own love with the strapping Brian), the taking on of a dragon soulmate, and more sexual tension with Keegan.

Where there’s love, there’s worry. Worry walks hand in hand with joy on love’s path.

I enjoyed this second installment even more than the first book. Roberts has already set up the situation, and Bree is coming into her own, growing more powerful, figuring out her abilities, and gaining confidence in her role and her contributions. It's fun to have BFF Marco along, and it's satisfying to witness Bree attempting to understand with compassion her mother's reasoning for having kept her heritage secret (although the cutting down of Bree's confidence feels difficult to forgive).

Bree's links to her grandfather's darkness and his world are intriguing--as are the allusions to the crucial part she is likely to play in destroying his evil power in the third book.

There remains a lot of page time spent on the enjoyment of refreshments (tea or wine, anyone?), which I'm in favor of in real life, so I understand the obsession here. I was entertained by the dichotomies of various characters' experiences in Talamh versus in Ireland.

There is more dragon-focused attention in this second book, an element I enjoyed, as well as more focus on magical portals.

I listened to this as an audiobook.

Do you have any Bossy thoughts about this book?

The only sad news here is that when I posted that I was reading this, a fellow reader reminded me that the third and final book in the series, The Choice, is not set for publication until November of this year.

For my review of the first in this trilogy, The Awakening, please click here.


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