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Review of Open Book by Jessica Simpson

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

A mostly guileless look at stardom, motherhood, alcohol abuse, and finding herself.

JS explores her life, her ups and downs, her drinking-related missteps, and her failed loves (including, interestingly, a lot more page time spent on John Mayer than Nick Lachey—and what ultimately amounts to a take down of Mayer that explores his extensive emotional manipulation, his elaborate interview accounts of his sexual escapades with her and others, and, incredibly, his use of the N-word during an interview).

Simpson tracks her scrappy and determined rise to stardom, her religious faith, her reliance on and love for her friends, her deep familial attachments and conflicts, and her path to therapy, sobriety, and a happy marriage and parenthood.

What did you think?

I'm a sucker for a celebrity memoir, and especially listening to the audiobook as I did here, when I feel like the author is laying it all on the table and going through some self-examination.

I've liked JS since Newlyweds, and she takes us back to the show here too.


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