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Review of One of Us Is Back (One of Us Is Lying #3) by Karen M. McManus

This third book in McManus's young-adult mystery series keeps the surprises coming, ties new twists into early events from the series, and strengthens the bonds between the Bayside sleuth friends.

I listened to this third installment in Karen McManus's young adult One of Us Is Lying mystery series.

Over the course of the past two books, the Bayview Four solved mysteries and established their own innocence in the face of suspected wrongdoing.

In this third installment, McManus offers the established characters of Maeve, Nate, Phoebe, Bronwyn, and Knox from book one--along with other old favorites and some fresh faces--in a new set of intertwined, mysterious circumstances.

But when someone unexpected comes to town, our sleuths realize that not everyone is who they say they are; old mysteries come to light and complicate things dramatically; and yet again the young people might be the only ones who can serve up the justice that others so desperately seem to deserve.

I was highly entertained by the side-note recaps of the events of books one and two, which sound wonderfully outrageous when condensed into a few sentences.

Character development isn't the key to book three; One of Us Is Back primarily progresses the plot of the series and introduces some twists that tie into past events and established characters.

One Of Us Is Back offers more Bayview intrigue and young love, family conflict and growth, and builds upon the bedrock of friendship and loyalty. The many points of view of the story are clearly delineated in the audiobook by the various narrators.

Do you have any Bossy thoughts about this book?

The first two books in the One of Us Is Lying series are One of Us Is Lying and One of Us Is Next.

McManus also wrote Two Can Keep a Secret, The Cousins, and You’ll Be the Death of Me.

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