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Review of Namesake by Adrienne Young

I love Young's tone and her characters. Namesake was fantastic, and I wish more books were coming in this series.

Namesake is the second and, sadly, final book in Young's duology about the wonderfully strong, ruthless, clever young seafaring woman, Fable.

I adored the first book in the series, Fable, in which the title character relied heavily on her survival skills and guts. She fought to get off the godforsaken island where she'd been stuck for years after her father abandoned her. She becomes set on finding her father again, making him realize she doesn't need him, and on making her way and setting her own path in a rough world made for men.

In Namesake, Fable discovers the truth behind looming secrets whose answers her mother took to her grave, establishes the link between the secrets and the dangers facing her crew, and must decide whether to prioritize her lost-and-found love or the makeshift family toward whom she's come to feel loyal.

I love Young's tone and the characters she's created in this series. Namesake was fantastic--although I didn't completely buy the wrap-up at the end regarding Saint and his purported motivations for his prior actions--years of abandonment, people!--nor did I believe that an all-powerful, threatening character was neutralized (this person retained immense wealth and therefore power, and public humiliation feels like a big motivator for revenge). Yet I was also glad about some heartwarming resolutions.

I also became distracted by the frequency of smirking throughout, which is clearly a nitpicky issue and a personal problem, but I am nothing if not Bossy, after all!

Do you have any Bossy thoughts about this book?

I wish there were a third book in this series coming from Young. Can we please at least get a TV adaptation, which is clearly warranted? Hmmm?

Have you read the author's books Sky in the Deep or The Girl the Sea Gave Back?


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