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Review of Fable by Adrienne Young

I loved this first installment of Young's two-book series, which features pirates, a brave young heroine, a little romance, and lots of adventure.

There's a freckle-faced young lady staring unflinchingly at the reader from the striking cover of Adrienne Young's young adult fantasy book--with a pirate ship reflected in her blue, blue eye.

After a terrible storm that took her mother's life, young Fable was abandoned by her father, who's a powerful trader, to survive on an island filled with thieves and not much else. (Daaaad!)

She's had to rely on her survival skills to make it through the past four long years, and if she can get off this blasted island and find her father again, she'll have to make her way in a rough world made for men--and fight to set her own path.

Fable, the first in a planned two-book series, offers pirates, a little forbidden romance, a handful of interestingly dysfunctional relationships, a plucky young heroine who rejects her expected place in society, and atmospheric descriptions of imagined twisted seaside towns, deserted islands, and adventurous ocean travel.

I loved this, and I'm all in for the next one.

Any Bossy thoughts on this book?

This suited my reading mood perfectly. Young doesn't make things too easy for her characters, but she offers the reader complicated yet satisfying developments.

I mentioned this book (along with One to Watch by Kate Stayman-London and Murder in Old Bombay by Nev March) in the Greedy Reading List Three Books I'm Reading Now, 11/10/20 Edition.


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