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Review of In a New York Minute by Kate Spencer

I found myself yearning for more from this meet cute, but I loved the New York City details--complete with an extended set of Moonstruck references I adored.

In a New York Minute begins with Franny Doyle having a legendarily horrific day: she's laid off from her boring but cushy interior design job, then she has a klutzy moment on the subway that's epically embarrassing--and, unbeknownst to her, is also documented by a fellow passenger.

The tall stranger who helps her out (she immediately nicknames him Hot Suit) is the only potentially bright spot, but she knows she'll never see him again.

But when Franny's mishap goes viral, internet viewers make up a love connection between Franny and Hot Suit, and they're eager for a televised reunion. Neither Franny nor Hayes (Hot Suit’s actual name) would typically go for such an idea, but they could each use some publicity for their careers--and what could possibly go wrong?

I loved the New York details, the design elements from Franny's career, and the meet cute premise. The secondary characters were delightful. I wanted a little more character development for Franny and Hayes so they felt more unique and less expected (the goofy--but understatedly gorgeous!--creative type; the serious—but so steady!—man just waiting for a woman to bring out his playful side).

The Moonstruck references were fantastic.

Do you have any Bossy thoughts about this book?

In a New York Minute is Kate Spencer's first novel.

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