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Three Books I'm Reading Now, 8/7/23 Edition

The Books I'm Reading Now

At the moment I'm reading a recently published Southern (North Carolina-set!) mystery about race and history from David Joy, Those We Thought We Knew; I'm listening to the third book in Deanna Raybourn's wonderful Victorian England mystery series, A Treacherous Curse; and I'm reading The Deep Sky, Yume Kitasei's recent science fiction thriller about a deep space expedition and a mysterious disaster.

What are you reading these days, bookworms?


01 Those We Thought We Knew by David Joy

Toya Gardner has returned from Atlanta to her rural North Carolina town to track her family's history and finish her thesis for graduate school. But the young Black artist encounters a Confederate statue that is still standing, and its existence shifts her focus and energy.

Meanwhile, a man from outside the community believed to be living in his station wagon turns out to be a senior Klan member--and he has a notebook full of the names of local residents.

When two terrible crimes shake the small community, they also bring to light generations of dark history and dangerous secrets.

David Joy is also the author of the wonderful When These Mountains Burn.

I received a prepublication edition of this title courtesy of NetGalley and Penguin Group Putnam, G.P. Putnam's Sons.


02 A Treacherous Curse (Veronica Speedwell #3) by Deanna Raybourn

In the third installment of Deanna Raybourn's Veronica Speedwell series, set in 1888 London, Veronica and Stoker seek the whereabouts of a man who went missing during a fruitful archaeological dig in Egypt--at the same time a priceless diadem disappeared.

The man happens to be Stoker's former expedition partner, who he punched on the street a year ago--and he also happens to be married to Stoker's ex-wife.

Clever Veronica and gruff Stoker will need to unravel the mystery of an ancient curse and sort out the powerful lies bubbling up regarding Stoker's past in order to clear Stoker's name of any suspected wrongdoing.

I loved A Curious Beginning, the first book in Deanna Raybourn's feisty Veronica Speedwell series of historical fiction mysteries, as well as the second book, A Perilous Undertaking. Raybourn is also the author of the wonderful Killers of a Certain Age.


03 The Deep Sky by Yume Kitasei

In Yume Kitasei's science fiction thriller The Deep Sky, a mission to deep space is disrupted by an explosion that shakes the confidence of the ship's crew.

With the collapse of Earth's environment imminent, eighty trained elite young people venture into space, where they hope to preserve the human race for generations to come.

But a deadly disaster on The Phoenix halfway to its destination causes suspicion to fall upon Asuka, the only living witness. Asuka must find the real culprit before accusations surrounding the mystery destroy her.

I received a prepublication edition of this title courtesy of NetGalley and Flatiron Books.

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