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Three Books I'm Reading Now, 3/7/22 Edition

The Books I'm Reading Now

I'm reading Rachel Hartman's Tess of the Road, fantasy about a headstrong young woman finding her way--and also, dragons; I'm reading Bob Odenkirk's conversational brand-new memoir about comedy and life, Comedy Comedy Comedy Drama; and I'm listening to the first in the prolific Marie Lu's young adult fantasy Legend series.

What are you reading and enjoying these days, bookworms?


01 Tess of the Road by Rachel Hartman

First off, get a load of this gorgeous cover. Second, yes, this is a dragon book. (Who's with me on dragon books? Are we at the point where we can discuss my love for Naomi Novik's nine-book Temeraire talking-dragon series, of which I've read and loved seven? Yes? No?)

In Hartman's Tess of the Road, Tess doesn't fit the mold of an obedient, quiet young woman in her medieval kingdom of Goredd, where she's protected by dragons and by the men who rule the land.

This time she's really taken things too far, and she's not a lady who can be subdued. So Tess's family decides to send her to a nunnery.

But Tess has other plans. On the day she's scheduled to report for the beginning of her cloistered life, she cuts her hair, pulls on walking boots, and runs away, determined to craft a life for herself outside of the narrow parameters Goredd and her family have set upon her. (I love a "woman dresses as a man to achieve an end" trope!)

Tess's long-held ability to get into trouble might just lead her on an adventure of a lifetime.


02 Comedy Comedy Comedy Drama by Bob Odenkirk

You might know Odenkirk from his role as the sleazy lawyer with a heart in the show Breaking Bad, or from his lead role in a spinoff series I love, Better Call Saul. Or you might know him from his older work as a Saturday Night Live writer (he wrote the iconic "Motivational Speaker" skit for Chris Farley), as a writer and star of Mr. Show with David Cross, or from his work on The Ben Stiller Show. Or you may not know of Odenkirk at all.

So far, Odenkirk's memoir Comedy Comedy Comedy Drama is a conversational foray into his zigzagging route to creative success. It's the gradual unfolding of a circuitous path through fringe comedy to more well-known avenues for comics, and he shares what he experienced and learned along the way.

The incomplete sentences and lightning-fast topic shifts are taking some getting used to, but they add to the feel that you're sitting next to Odenkirk and he's filling your ear with gems from his odd and interesting life.

I received a prepublication digital copy of this book (published last week) courtesy of NetGalley and Random House.


03 Legend (Legend #1) by Marie Lu

In an alternate history, the west of the United States is a region called the Republic, and it frequently clashes and fights with its neighbors.

Fifteen-year-old Republic citizen June has been groomed her whole life for a military position of leadership befitting her wealthy family and her privileged education.

Fifteen-year-old Day was born in a slum and is the Republic's most-wanted criminal. But he's a product of his desperate circumstances, and his intentions aren't evil.

When the murder of June's brother pushes her and Day together in an uncomfortable enemies' alliance, the two must fight to uncover the truth about the dark secrets the country has been keeping under wraps. (And maybe fall in loooooove!)

Click here for my review of Lu's book Warcross. Check out my review of her book Skyhunter, and look for my upcoming review of the second in that series, Steelstriker.


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