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Three Books I'm Reading Now, 3/17/21 Edition

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

What I'm Reading Now: Three Fun Fantasy Stories

I'm reading the newest book from Naomi Novik, which showcases excellent dark humor within a deadly magical school; the final book in Holly Black's Folk of the Air trilogy, which offers great banter and an appealingly antagonistic/lovey-dovey relationship between frenemies; and the gloriously dramatic young adult debut from Shelby Mahurin (with a second in the series already published and a third coming out this year).

I'd love to hear: which books are you reading and enjoying these days, bookworms?


01 A Deadly Education by Naomi Novik

A Deadly Education is the first in Novik's Scholomance series, which is set at a magical school with two routes out: graduation or death. Deadly danger and darkness lurk around every corner. El, a loner, is set on graduating, even if she doesn't have the benefit of a group of magicians around her or the safety in numbers some of the more privileged students enjoy. But she fears she'll be killed in some unfortunate incident before she can finish her education.

When the golden boy in her class irritatingly insists on saving her life and acting the annoying hero, El, with her dark magic--more powerful than any of her classmates realize--fears she might accidentally take him out before she can master her skills.

I love the wonderful dark humor and unexpected details so far. Novik also wrote the fantastic Spinning Silver and Uprooted, both of which appear on the Greedy Reading List Six Magical Fairy Tales Grown-Ups Will Love.


02 The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black

The Queen of Nothing is the final book in Black's Folk of the Air trilogy (I mentioned the series in the Greedy Reading List Six Royally Magical Young Adult Series).

Jude is the exiled Queen of Faerie, scrambling to make a living in the human world by freelancing, carrying out petty jobs of thievery and intimidation. She's furious at King Cardan's betrayal, and she's biding her time until she can exact her revenge.

When her twin sister Taryn arrives in the human world, fearing for her life, Jude finds herself drawn back into Elfhame, with its power struggles, backstabbing, and elaborate schemes--including those of her fickle, murderous father figure, Madoc.

As always, Black's characters show darkly funny humor and trade biting remarks, and creatures of all types interact, jostle for power, snipe, battle, and fall in love.


03 Serpent & Dove by Shelby Mahurin

Serpent & Dove is Shelby Mahurin's first book in her young adult trilogy by the same name (Blood & Honey is the second, with the third, Gods & Monsters, set for publication this summer).

Louise is a thief who keeps the company of prostitutes and lawbreakers. She's a witch who has sworn off magic; she fled her powerful mother and coven, but they didn't want to let her go. Now she hides from their power and their desire to use her to further their ends.

Reid is a straight-laced young man for whom things are black-and-white, clearly right and wrong. He doesn't break rules, and in fact he works for the Church, hunting down witches for destruction.

Things quickly get complicated, and circumstances demand that Lou and Reid get MARRIED. This is all very angsty and dramatic so far, and I love it!


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