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Review of Together for Never by Marilyn Kaye

Marilyn Kaye's middle-grade novel explores eighth-grade opposites' struggle to find common ground when their single parents begin dating and they're thrown together.

In Marilyn Kaye's middle-grade novel Together for Never, eighth-grade loner Lily is an aspiring writer. Queen bee girls like her fashion-conscious, judgmental classmate Charlotte feel like they're on another planet, and Lily wants it to stay that way.

But when Charlotte's divorced father and Lily's single mother begin dating, a nightmare takes shape: the four of them are headed for a vacation together. In a small cabin. At the beach. And guess which two teenaged nemeses are expected to share a room?

Described as Mean Girls meets The Parent Trap, Together for Never explores each girl's point of view, and after conflict and hurt feelings, what eventually brings them together is sharing their vulnerabilities.

Together for Never is short and sweet. It explores the complications of potentially blending a family and the layers of complexity involved in sharing a parent after having forged a special bond as a team of two against the world.

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Marilyn Kaye is the author of over 100 books for young readers.


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