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Review of This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage by Ann Patchett

ICYMI: This five-star read--part memoir/part essay--is one of my favorite books of Ann Patchett's, and I didn't want her reflections and stories to end.

“Sometimes love does not have the most honorable beginnings, and the endings, the endings will break you in half. It’s everything in between we live for.”

In This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage, a book that's part memoir, part essay, Ann Patchett shares personal stories ranging from her childhood through young adulthood and her first, disastrous marriage, to her current, loving relationship and adulthood filled with creativity, business, and various deeply felt connections with others.

Along the way Patchett shares thoughtful moments and reflections illustrating her many loves for and deep commitments to touchstones such as beloved dogs, meaningful friendship, and the various people and places that have indelibly shaped her. She explores the hard work, specific process, and incredible joy of writing as well as her passionate decision to open a bookstore in Nashville, Tennessee.

“We are, on this earth, so incredibly small, in the history of time, in the crowd of the world, we are practically invisible, not even a dot, and yet we have each other to hold on to. When we do things differently, and very often we do, I remind myself that it is rarely a matter of right and wrong. We are simply two adults who grew up in different houses far away from one another.”

I began reading slowly to make this book last as long as I could, but I had to finally and sadly finish this lovely book. I adore Ann Patchett, her stories, her point of view, and her writing. I love love loved this book.

Do you have any Bossy thoughts about this book?

My book club wasn't unanimous on a five-star rating, but this is one of my favorite Patchett books.

Ann Patchett is the author of State of Wonder, Run, Bel Canto, The Dutch House, The Magician's Assistant, These Precious Days, and others.


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