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Review of The Likeness (Dublin Murder Squad #2) by Tana French

The setup is so incredibly implausible, but I jumped in headfirst and gleefully suspended my disbelief. I still think about this one over a decade after reading it.

In this sequel to In the Woods, Cassie Maddox has left the Dublin Murder Squad for good—until she's called to a crime scene to find with shock that the victim looks exactly like her. And her doppelganger's body has identification showing her name as Alexandra Madison, which is an alias Cassie once used when she was undercover.

What what what?

I couldn't wait to get back to this book anytime I had to take a break from reading. The setup of what happens next is so incredibly implausible, yet I jumped in headfirst and gleefully suspended my disbelief because it was so appealing and riveting.

French's character- and relationship-driven mysteries keep me waiting anxiously for the twists and turns to unfold and poring over subtleties that hold clues to the true story.

She writes literary mysteries without cheap thrills and gimmicky tricks. This is my favorite of her Dublin Murder Squad series, and I think about it often, although I read it over a decade ago.

What did you think?

French is the author of six books in the Dublin Murder Squad series: In the Woods, this book (my absolute favorite of hers), Faithful Place, The Trespasser, Broken Harbor, and The Secret Place, plus the stand-alone books The Witch Elm and The Searcher.


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