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Review of The Huntress by Kate Quinn

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

The character-driven post-WWII story was wonderful, with compelling and lush detail and a gutsy female pilot determined to help take down the Nazis.

Nina Markova always wanted to fly, and when Nazis begin to wreak havoc on the Soviet Union, she joins the Night Witches, an all-female regiment of night bombers pushing back the Germans. That is, until Nina becomes stranded behind enemy lines.

I thought the character-driven post-WWII story was wonderful, with compelling and lush detail about tough female pilots; life in the Siberian wild; Boston; antiques and photography; and the patient, persistent, creative detective work by Ian, Tony, and Nina.

The reader is able to see events unfolding while the characters remain unaware, but watching the pieces shift and click into place is immensely satisfying.

I'm in for World War II-set books with tough, brave female protagonists, and especially female pilots, and I loved this book.

Any Bossy thoughts on this book?

I sometimes think that I'm about to max out on World War II historical fiction. Then I come to my senses and realize that's crazy talk, and I stack my to-read list with more more more.

Kate Quinn is also the author of the wonderful Alice Network.

This book was mentioned in the Greedy Reading List Six Historical Fiction Books I Loved Over the Past Year.


The Bossy Bookworm
The Bossy Bookworm
Dec 19, 2020

I was looking back over some favorites from the past year or so and was remembering HOW GOOD it was! The Night Witches! I’m also a major sucker for female pilot stories.


Jessica Johnston Therivel
Jessica Johnston Therivel
Dec 18, 2020

I LOVED this one when I read it and have recommended it to tons of people. Loved learning about the Night Witches too.

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