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Review of The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Foley kept me guessing about the details, although a comeuppance was clearly coming.

College friends who have drifted apart somewhat (for some of the characters, more than they realize) come together for their annual getaway, this time at a remote hunting lodge in the Scottish Highlands. When they are snowed in, truths begin to come out and uncomfortable confrontations erupt.

Lucy Foley's The Hunting Party hit the spot for my reading mood and kept me guessing about the details, although I could predict that a comeuppance was coming.

I wasn't sure I believed the betrayal that occurs between two characters. I was intrigued by the explanation for one of the long-term mysteries of the book (the stealing and odd occurrences), but the surprise required the reader to learn all of the details after the fact.

The majority of Foley's characters in The Hunting Party are not sympathetic, and the environment is claustrophobic—but all of it is essential to making the story work.

I listened to the audiobook.

What did you think?

Have you read this or The Guest List? I haven't read that one yet, but my book club is passing it around.

Do you feel that likable or sympathetic characters are necessary for you to feel invested in a mystery or not?


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