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Review of The Great Transition by Nick Fuller Googins

Emi, Kristina, and Larch are a family that survived the immense destruction of the climate crisis, but secrets, danger, and a double life might be their undoing.

Emi Vargas is, frankly, tired of being reminded that her parents were part of the movement that saved the world--and weary of the constant comments about how she's so lucky to have been born after the climate crisis.

But then climate criminals begin to be systematically assassinated in public shows of retaliation for their past crimes, Emi's mother Kristina goes missing, and Emi fears that her mother is in danger.

Emi and her father Larch journey from their home in Greenland to a near-future, postapocalyptic New York City, frequently ravaged by flooding and storms, to try to find Kristina.

Googins explores a United States of the not-too-distant-future, in which "oldies" are Taylor Swift and Adele songs, hurricanes and storms are constant...and no one should be able to forget the recent climate implosion that threatened to doom them all. (The future timeline alternates with a past-timeline account of the brutal experiences of Larch and Kristina during The Great Transition.)

Yet the wealthy are getting wealthier again, emissions threaten to creep up due to corporate greed, and some of the people who struggled to facilitate The Great Transition don't want to see those who allowed the world crisis to occur now smoothly going on with their lives--and even taking on new positions of power in energy positions.

When a long-term secret is revealed and Emi's safety is endangered, the family must decide whether they can go on as before, or whether they must invent a new future for themselves.

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