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Review of Skyhunter by Marie Lu

Lu offers complex motivations, clashes between idealism and realism, editorialization about class and race, and futuristic advancements in this first book in the Skyhunter series.

Just look at this gorgeously mesmerizing cover for Marie Lu's latest young adult science fiction/fantasy book, the first in the Skyhunter series.

So as I started this book I realized something strange. I've been putting Marie Lu's books into my son's hands for years, but I have never read a single one.

Which has been a longterm mistake, because I really liked this book. Lu offers a story about refugees desperately trying to escape becoming conscripted into the Federation army; elite Striker fighters trying to salvage their society despite the Federation's widespread and evil efforts; and the demonization of the "other."

A mysterious prisoner from the front arrives who could be friend or foe, and our main protagonist Talin must figure out whether to destroy him or trust him with her life--before things unravel irrevocably for her and her fellow warriors.

The surprising ending made my heart stop. Then I remembered that this was the first in a series and that the story would continue past the final complications and shocking events, so I did not hurl the book through the window. But waiting for the next installment is going to be tough. What the heck is Lu going to do in book two?

Any Bossy thoughts about this book?

Are you a Marie Lu fan?

Lu, a former artist in the video game industry, has written the Legends, Young Elites, and Warcross series.

There's complex motivation here, as well as clashes between idealism and realism and editorialization about class and race--plenty of substance and depth to make it feel like a book for adults rather than necessarily a young adult title.


The Bossy Bookworm
The Bossy Bookworm
Dec 03, 2020

I think anyone would lose momentum (and also much of the memory of what the heck is happening in the series) while waiting years between published books. That’s definitely the downside of starting a series when the first book is published. What does it say about me and my own reading memory that I thought I had read most of Lu’s books and hadn’t read a single one? The covers were so familiar from my getting them all for H! Ai yi yi. Maybe the Legends series and her others can keep me going while I wait for the next in this series.


Dec 01, 2020

I read the three books in the Legend series about 5 or 6 years ago and enjoyed them. I may wait until the series is finished because I HATE waiting for each one. More importantly, especially at my advanced age, I have trouble remembering what happened in the preceding book after a long time, and also keeping my enthusiasm up for the next one! If I can "binge read" a series it is much more enjoyable for me!

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