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Review of Pretty Funny for a Girl by Rebecca Elliott

Elliott's book for young readers offers a boy-crazy, truly funny main protagonist in Haylah Swinton. I delighted in watching her come into her own, missteps and victories included.

In her novel for young readers--from my favorite publishing company for young people, Peachtree Publishing--Rebecca Elliott offers an irresistible heroine in Haylah Swinton.

Haylah is an excellent friend, she's patient with her incredibly frustrating four-year-old brother, and she's learned to make light of everything from cracks about her full figure to her mother's cringey new boyfriend.

Haylah also has a big secret: she's going to be a stand-up comedian when she grows up.

When cool Leo at school reveals that he's into comedy too, Haylah jumps at the chance to write material for his sets--and, against her friends' advice, she sets her sights on him romantically as well. The situation seems destined to lead to personal and career frustration for Haylah--and maybe even heartbreak.

Elliott offers a fantastic, boy-crazy, British story about missteps, facing change, accepting the past, sticking up for one's self, finding inner strength, and settling into an identity. It's also truly funny, and I can't wait to read the next book.

I received an advance digital copy of this book courtesy of Peachtree Publishing and NetGalley--and was woefully late in reading and reviewing this gem!

Do you have any Bossy thoughts about this book?

The next book in this series is Pretty Rude for a Girl.

Elliott is also the author of the Owl Diaries series and over twenty picture books.


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