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Review of In Five Years by Rebecca Serle

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

This alternate-reality story is really about loyalty and devoted friendship, it doesn't fall back on easy resolutions, and not everything is as it seems. I loved it.

Dannie is on the path to achieving her five-year goals in spectacularly efficient fashion. She goes to sleep satisfied, but wakes up in another life: a strange apartment, a different boyfriend, and an alternate set of choices behind and before her. And perhaps most confusingly of all, in this second life she's lost some of her original, lifelong, rigid plans for her future, yet she's happy. Very very happy.

She returns to her original reality, but Dannie can’t shake the possibilities and uncertainty created by what felt like an actual temporary shift in her existence. What does that vastly different set of circumstances and her satisfaction within it mean about how she can and should live her life?

Serle's In Five Years totally hit the spot for me, and it also wasn’t exactly what I expected. The setup seems like it’s a romance, but it’s really a story about loyalty and devoted friendship without easy or saw-it-coming resolutions, and not everything is as it seems. I loved it.

This book is part of my Greedy Reading List Six Riveting Time-Travel Escapes.


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