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Review of Exit Strategy (Murderbot #4) by Martha Wells

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Murderbot is a part-organic robot who continues to be inconveniently and fiercely loyal to certain humans.

Oh, Murderbot, how I missed you!

In this fourth installment of her Murderbot series, Wells provides another short (176 pages) book in which the main protagonist is a part-organic robot inconveniently and fiercely loyal to certain humans.

I knew interpreting the emotional subtext in the speech and appearance of real humans was completely different from interpreting it in shows and serials. (For one thing, the shows and serials were trying to communicate accurately with the viewer. As far as I could tell, real humans usually didn't know what the hell they were doing.)

Exit Strategy contains accounts of extensive logistics, hacking, and processing information; Murderbot's ability to identify and address plots, potential motivations, and pitfalls; and a continued obsession with the show "Sanctuary Moon," which makes my heart twinge. It might be a little heavier on the dry details of the machinations of various operations and a little lighter on delightful Murderbot introspection than the previous books, but I'm all in on this series no matter what.

What did you think?

Have you read this or others in the Murderbot series? Are you as taken with this series as I am?


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