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Review of Every Summer After by Carley Fortune

Carley Fortune offers a satisfying story of coming home, young love, mistakes and redemption, romance, lake life, and some past and present steamy scenes.

In Carley Fortune's debut Every Summer After, Persephone Fraser knows all too well the saying "you can't go home again." It's been ten years since she made the biggest mistake of her life in the wondrous place where she spent her youthful summers, Barry's Bay.

Now Percy is making her way in the city, trying (and failing) to avoid thinking about how she's disconnected from the place and the people who helped shape her into who she is.

But when she returns to the lake for Sam Florek's mother's funeral, she's swept back into the connection she and Sam once had, and her determination to keep her heart closed might be shaken--along with everything else around which she's built her young adult life.

Every Summer After is a love story told over the course of six summers and a weekend.

I love stories about returning home, reconnecting with old flames, and chances for redemption, and Every Summer After has all of these elements, plus lots of reminiscing, cute banter, poignant moments, and a few steamy scenes. I read this satisfying, romantic read in a day.

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Every Summer After is Carley Fortune's debut novel. Her second book, Meet Me at the Lake, is scheduled for publication in May 2023.

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