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Review of Chosen Ones by Veronica Roth

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Sloane is a perfectly imperfect heroine and things aren't entirely what they seem in Roth's first novel for adults.

Things aren’t entirely what they seem in Veronica Roth’s version of Earth in Chosen Ones, both in terms of heroes' and villains’ roles as well as these characters’ understanding (and gaps in understanding) the situation at hand.

Sloane is a perfectly imperfect heroine. She’s expected to play the games of the media and stick fast to the identity that her fame as a Chosen One has thrust upon her. But she is incapable of BS and full of rage, fear, unquenched revenge fantasies, vulnerability, and the sometimes inconvenient drive to live truthfully and fully.

Roth could have potentially pulled back on the messy, complicated, partial resolution among multiple worlds toward the end for a simpler step forward but didn’t take an easier way out. I’m not sure where it leaves us for the second book but I can’t wait to find out.

I received an advance copy of this book through NetGalley and John Joseph Adams/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in exchange for an honest review.

What did you think?

I really liked Roth's Divergent, but the second book in that series fell off for me and I didn't read the third. I thought Roth provided some really interesting situations about perception and reality and identity in this book and am so glad she wrote a novel for adults.

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