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Review of books 1-3 of the Murderbot series by Martha Wells

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

These are quick, engrossing reads that are perfect escapism.

My smart friend Kathy mentioned these books on social media and was correct that these are fantastic.

All Systems Red, Artificial Condition, and Rogue Protocol are quick, engrossing reads that are officially novellas and, for me, are perfect escapism.

I can't bring myself to review these in a lot of detail because I personally adored jumping in without knowing what to expect. The basics as laid out in All Systems Red are that Murderbot (a nickname it has given itself) is a droid for hire who has always worked security and fought when necessary to protect its clients and their interests.

Its employers don't know that Murderbot has hacked its own system and is self aware. It's impatient with humans and other droids, and it would prefer to watch the endless hours of media it's been able to download into its system. When it's drawn into complicated situations, Murderbot shows a reluctant, grumpy ability to care for others and a desire to develop its own sense of duty and sense of self.

In Artificial Condition, Murderbot confronts its dark past and sets out to uncover the truth of disturbing events it was involved in around the time it went rogue. It also makes a robot friend and ally in ART, a research transport vessel.

Rogue Protocol tracks Murderbot's travels to look into the goings-on of the questionable and mysterious group GrayCris. Yet again Murderbot must deal with humans' fallibility and messy emotions and needs.

I was delighted by these books, and I love each one more than the last. My only criticism is that each is too short and is over before I'm ready for it to end.

If you think you might want to read these, just know that you do.

I gave all of these four stars.

For my review of the fourth book in The Murderbot Diaries, Exit Strategy, click here.

What did you think?

I tore through the first three books in this series with glee and am saving the other two that are already published (I believe there are seven planned) to savor.

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