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It's Bossy Bookworm's First Birthday!

How did the Bossy Bookworm blog grow up so quickly?

It seems like just yesterday I was delirious with Covid, quarantined for weeks with then-atypical symptoms, and just waiting around to be sure I wasn't contagious anymore and could emerge from my bedroom-based cocoon.

I was also trying to focus on some of the things that bring me peace and joy--including family love and support, time spent connecting with friends, gazing at the trees outside my windows, watching movies with my children downstairs via FaceTime--and reading and talking about books, which I was doing as much as ever during that time.

If you know me, you know I'm a lifelong reader with a greedy streak. And since the launch of Bossy Bookworm, I've read even more books than before, talked about books more often than before, and met many more people who also love to do these things than I could have dreamed. I've been so lucky to reconnect with old friends and encounter new bookworms.

I also figured out how to blog, finally learned how to use Instagram, and was overjoyed to be a podcast guest. I've enjoyed so many fun, unexpected offshoots of being a ravenous reader because of this little book blog.

So on the first anniversary of the Bossy launch, I wanted to thank you! Thank you for spending some of your precious time on this site, commenting to me here or otherwise about these and other books, and for taking your reading time to explore some of the books I mention here. Reading the right book at the right time can be magical, and I hope some of the information here might help you in your quest to match with books you'll love.

You're all fantastic enablers for my terrifically greedy reading habits and for the sharing of my various Bossy book opinions, and I thank you!

One more thing: Is there anything you'd like to see on Bossy Bookworm? A category, a Greedy Reading List, a feature, or something else? If so, please drop me a message or an e-mail and let me know!

Happy reading!


Amy (Bossy Bookworm)


Aug 23, 2021

Happy Birthday BBW!! I love your writing style and to hear about all you fun successes with this journey! Your suggestions all sound great—otherwise—keep up the greediness!

The Bossy Bookworm
The Bossy Bookworm
Aug 23, 2021
Replying to

Thank you, Julie! And thank you for following along! I appreciate the kind words so much! 🥰

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