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Bossy Book Talk: Starting a Blog During a Pandemic

I'd toyed with starting a book blog for a long time because of my bossy feelings about the books I read; my outrageous to-read book list of thousands of titles; my double- and sometimes triple-stacked bookshelves; the fact that many of my favorite conversations seem to end up being about books; and the lists of book recommendations I'm often making for the people I love who love books.

And, funny story, it turns out that being quarantined for weeks and feeling mildly delirious during a pandemic was precisely the kooky set of circumstances that led to my actually doing it. I think They generally advise just this type of situation for the optimal mastering of technical skills and organizational results.

So, here is The Bossy Bookworm. I hope it will entertain you, whether you're a casual reader looking for a promising next book to read or a reading-obsessed person who mostly would prefer to be greedily reading, planning out lists of your next reads, or talking about either the books you're reading or the books on your to-read lists (or both).

Please let me know what you think.

Amy (The Bossy Bookworm)


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