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Review of Weather Girl by Rachel Lynn Solomon

In Weather Girl, Rachel Lynn Solomon brings humor and a little steamy romance to a newsroom setting, with a fun Parent Trap-style backdrop--and weighty issues like depression that are addressed with grace.

Ari Abrams has always been fascinated by the weather, and now she's got her dream job: she's a junior meteorologist on TV.

But her two bosses, Torrence and Seth, who are exes, seem more concerned with their long-term petty arguments and with airing personal grievances than with running the station, mentoring younger staff members, or creating professional opportunities.

When Ari and kind, quiet sportscaster Russell close down the company's holiday party, they joke about Parent Trapping Seth and Torrence in order to create harmony in the TV station and allow them to better do their jobs.

As they mastermind a plan to bring the exes together in Rachel Lynn Solomon’s light fiction story, Russell and Ari realize they have more in common than they thought.

Weather Girl is romantic and occasionally steamy. The story is largely about accepting yourself and loving yourself--and treasuring someone who delights in you just the way you are.

In an excellent example of how authors of light fiction can take on weighty issues with grace and care, here, Solomon addresses mental illness, the complications and beauty of blended families, breaking unhealthy familial patterns, and unlikely, hard-won second chances.

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Rachel Lynn Solomon is also the author of See You Yesterday, The Ex Talk, and Today, Tonight, Tomorrow.

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