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Review of The Best of Me by David Sedaris

This collection of previously published Sedaris works is a gold mine of discomforting, edgy, offbeat observations--with more heart than I expected. I loved this audiobook.

I listened to this collection by David Sedaris as an audiobook. I prefer to take in my Sedaris books by listening to the author's snarky, silly, spot-on, sometimes gross, and often farcical takes on the world.

Whether Sedaris is reliving specific, offbeat memories and mining them for poignancy and also laughs, or presenting his own distorted versions of morality plays, he does so with dark humor but also, frequently, with heart.

The section of limericks centered around dogs and their rude behavior wasn't my favorite, but I sometimes suspect that despite his edgy moments and curious observations, Sedaris may tone down his reflections for the comfort of his audience, and this felt like an absurd vignette he simply couldn't resist.

I was drawn in by the mix of tones represented here, and by the introspection and vulnerability Sedaris intermingles with the off-kilter, singular, sometimes excruciating moments he draws readers into. I hadn't read (or listened to) a good number of these selections, and I was repeatedly surprised and delighted with Sedaris's depth...then often cringed at an eccentric, discomforting observation that promptly followed. I enjoyed the roller coaster and was taken with this collection.

Do you have any Bossy thoughts about this book?

Sedaris is also the author of Me Talk Pretty One Day, Calypso, Naked, Holidays on Ice, When You Are Engulfed in Flames, and many other books.


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